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done by Deroc studio for hair opened up in April of 2017. Husband and wife team, Rebecca and Derrick (aka Deroc) moved to Cape Coral from Connecticut with a mission to open their own hair salon. They set out to create something that goes against the industry norm. After being in the hair industry for 20 years as an educator, platform artist, and stylist, Derrick wanted to do something different with Rebecca.

Our Values

We value loyalty over sales.
Our guiding principle is to find the least expensive way to create the look you want. That’s right, the least expensive way! We create custom looks for people that are not only designed for the individual’s face & head shape, but for their budget, lifestyle, and time. Only have 10 minutes to spend on your hair each day? Then, lets find a style that doesn’t require time consuming styling. Not in the budget to color your hair every 5 weeks? Then a full head of highlights probably isn’t the best option for you. Let’s try some highlights that blend into the root so it looks great grown out too. Have a full bottle of shampoo? Use it! When that runs out, we can talk about our line of products. 
Don’t trust us.
We never ask anyone to trust us. You don’t need to. Each and every step of the service is explained in detail so that you understand why each cut is being made the way it is, why your color is being applied the way it is, and why the products are being used the way they are. Our guests are always amazed by how much they learned about their hair after their visit here. Just read the reviews!
Our staff is our team.
Everyone is trained in the same techniques by Derrick, regardless of their experience. This ensures that all guests will receive the same level of service no matter who they see. It also allows for flexibility in our schedule. This way if Derrick is booked when you want your appointment, then Zoe can take you and give you the same great service. No one will get mad 😉
We strive for excellence in being different. It’s ok, change is good!
Thanks for visiting and we look forward to meeting you!
Rebecca & Derrick