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Ask Your Stylist Stupid Questions! You’ll thank yourself later

Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist

There are many times when I hear, “This is a stupid question, but…” Let me start off by saying, there are no stupid questions when it comes to your interaction with your stylist. I have a stupid question, why all the fear of feeling stupid? More importantly, why all the fear to ask your stylist questions?

The only people I can blame for this are your stylists. Nobody wants to feel like they don’t know something. I’m sure the two people reading this infant blog would agree. You’re sitting in a room and someone is talking and everyone nods in agreement and you do too, even though you have no idea what everyone is agreeing to. Who wants to be the weirdo who interrupts with a stupid question? That’s fine, but things change when you’re the consumer.

You didn’t go to school for this, how would you know?

Your stylist should make you feel comfortable about asking any kind of question. You are purchasing a service and you should be as well informed about what you are receiving as possible. If your stylist makes you feel dumb it is likely a shortcoming with their ability to answer your question at all. Anyone who has been in my chair knows that most of the time when they don’t ask questions, they end up listening to piles of information I give freely to make sure they understand as much as possible. So please, don’t ever feel uncomfortable asking questions. Not only should you ask questions, asking them makes you a smart consumer.

I’m here to help

Of course some questions are going to get you the information you want faster and more easily. So I put together some questions to get you started.

  • What’s included in the price? Add on sales have unfortunately become the norm in my industry. With that, services that were once included in the price of a haircut became an additional cost. Want your hair dried after your cut? That’ll be $20. Want it styled? Another $20-$30. So when you go to get you’re hair done, be sure to know exactly what you’re buying. If you’ve been to done by Dēroc, then you’ll know our prices for haircuts include a wash, custom cut, blow dry AND iron work.

Will it look good on me? Ask your stylistHow many of you brought this picture to your stylist of Jennifer Aniston’s iconic asymmetrical bob, only to go home miserable because you looked nothing like Jennifer Aniston after? A good stylist should custom fit the celebrity look you’re craving specifically for your face. A haircut should accentuate your best features, while downplaying your least favorite features.

How much work will go into styling it at home? If you typically spend 10 minutes on you hair every morning, make sure your stylist knows this before jumping into a sleak graduated bob that needs to be styled in order to show off artistry of the cut. Communicate how much time you put into your hair each day so your stylist can craft a cut specifically for your life.

  • How short will it be when it’s dry? An inch is an inch, right? Wrong. An inch can be interpreted differently to different people. Be sure to be visual when expressing how short you’re willing to go. Either use your fingers to show what your inch is, or just show where on your body you want the shortest layers to fall.
  • Stay away from saying, “Do whatever you want” to your stylist. Unless you’re willing go short, like really short. If you are that adventurous, find a salon that has a “no say, no pay” policy like mine. If you give me full creative liberty on your hair, then I won’t charge you for letting me do my thing because at that point, the cut is for me as much as it is for you.

Now go make an appointment with your stylist and ask away! You can book an appointment with us right here.

Also, if you’re still afraid to ask your stylist, please feel free to ask me any questions here and I will answer them for you. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing.

Derrick Driver


done by Dēroc – studio for hair

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