Fall Hair Trends

With fall already here, you’re probably ready to crack out your favorite sweater, and head over to your favorite coffee shop to snag a Pumpkin Spice Latte. But, by golly what about your hair? You have all the makings of the perfect fall style in all the departments but your hair. Continue reading, because we are about to break it all down and discover this year’s Fall hair trends.

Fall Hair Trends
yellow ombre hair

Bold and Beautiful

Feeling bold? Listen up, this trend is for you. Yellow! Yellow hair is something we saw slowly creep in during the summer time, but is now overpowering the fall hair trend game. It is mainly accompanied by a nice deep shadow root, with more of the yellowing being a balayage, ombre look. This does come as a surprise considering most are trying to cover the yellow in their hair, but this fall season we are embracing and enhancing it!

rose gold hair
red ombre

Rose, Copper, Red – What’s in a Name?

Now, I get it, bold yellow may not be the go to for most. So, if you still want to have a little fun, but keep it toned down, then this palette is for you! Copper, red, amber, rose gold. These warm golden tones, bring style and attention while still keeping it simple and professional. This color also looks great with a few blonde highlights. It’s the perfect rich fall shade.

toasted coconut instagram
toasted coconut hair

Sultry and Toasty

Now, the new Fall hair trend that has hit instagram and taken it by storm is, Toasted Coconut hair. What is this Toasted Coconut goodness you might be asking? Allow me to explain. Over the past year we have seen a lot of soft blended balayage, but this color puts a modern 2018 twist on it. Toasted coconut is less about intermingling the brown and blonde hair colors, and more about gradually fading them into each other. For those who love the blonde/brown combo and looking for a striking, fashionable change, this is the one for you!!

*Disclaimer: Looks similar to these done on dark hair will likely require multiple appointments to lighten it this way to prevent too much damage to the hair. Of course, using Olaplex is a must in my opinion. Ever notice that most pictures of color blended looks the hair is styled with texture? That enhances the depth and dimension. So keep in mind that it becomes a different look on un-styled or un-textured hair. Not necessarily a bad look, just different than what you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Remember, pictures online are a snapshot of the best elements of life. They don’t tell the whole story.

Fall Hair Trends
warm blonde shadow root

Lived In and Lovely

The trend that still continues to rein superior and stand the test of time is the shadow root. This hair trend is still going strong. It is an easy, lived in look that keeps you from having to run to the salon as frequently. It also adds some boho lived in style. We are seeing the shadow root accompanied with balayage, toned down to a nice caramel swirl. Mmmm, we’ll take that as a latte too!

rich brown hair
coffee hair color

Simply Stunning

Does your hair need a break from the bleach? Well you are in luck because rich brown hair color is on the radar. Having a rich multidimensional brown colored hair is definitely something we will be seeing a lot of. Dark chocolate, mocha, and coffee tones. Geez, I must really want a latte!

What About the Cut?

bob haircut
bronde bob lob hair

When it comes to how to cut your hair, bold, angled bobs and lobs with layers to add in a bit of lived in magic to your hair is still hanging in strong. The cut is sophisticated, stylish, and offers multiple styling options. From textured to smooth, straight to wavy, and everything in between. The key is customizing the finish and cut to your unique face structure. Leave the cut to the pros, and let us teach you how to get the finish you love.

female mullet
baby bangs

Now, this one might set you back a bit, but the mullet is back and in full swing. I repeat the mullet is back!! We have been seeing a lot of this popping up especially out in LA, and it is surely making its way over here to the east coast. Don’t worry, we won’t have a bunch of Billy Ray Cyrus look-a-likes walking around. The modern mullet is shaggy, sometimes accompanied by baby bangs, and is for that bold, boss-babe who does not want to conform to what beauty has been in recent years. So the mullet is back, and we think it might be here to stay.

curtain bangs 2018
fringe 2018

Maybe this fall you are feeling like you need a change, and that change is a fringe! But, you are not sure you want to commit to the blunt look just yet. Well you are in luck because curtain bangs are making moves. This is perfect for someone who is looking for a change, but not ready for the commitment to a blunt fringe. Ever been tempted to cut or trim up your own bangs? Don’t. For the rebels, here’s how to do it. But seriously, just don’t.

Which Fall Hair Trend to Choose?

Whether you want to jump in to a dramatic change, or just update your look, there are plenty of Fall hair trends to fit your individual desires. Whatever you decide, make sure to bring plenty of pictures to your stylist, and ask lots of questions so you know what you’re buying.

So, grab that sweater, get that latte, and come on in to done by Deroc so we can make your hair look as great as your outfit this fall. See you soon!

Ready to jump in? Book online now. Just need someone to discuss your options with? Book a free consultation, we will help you navigate the world of hair.

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