Giving to Local Nonprofit Organizations

Learning & Loving to Give

There are many local nonprofit organizations out there, and they are all addressing a need in the world and local communities. That’s a good thing, right? But can one person or even one small business make a difference? Not everyone has hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars to give away to make a big impact, and that can make us feel powerless.

Don’t’ despair! It is easy to forget just how many people there are in the community, and how powerful our pocket change can become when pooled together. Think how effective Jonas Salk was one year before he found the cure for polio. He wasn’t at that point, but that doesn’t mean you would have not wanted to invest in him.

Why Give?

As a business, charitable contributions have numerous benefits such as tax deductions, employee morale, & marketing. However, the most important one is obvious: you should give back to your community.

Local nonprofit organizations help strengthen entire communities, by encouraging local economic activity and creating jobs.

Research has revealed that spending money on others actually makes us happier than spending it on ourselves. In addition, giving to others can actually make us healthier.

So what are we waiting for?

How do you chose a local non-profit to give to?

It is wonderful that there are so many local nonprofit organizations out there helping communities. However, that can make choosing one to give to a daunting task. For some, it is due to being personally impacted by something like cancer, or having a passion for rescuing animals. Within my own family the causes are diverse. Our lives have been touched by breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, veterans with PTSD, domestic violence, diabetes, autism, rescuing dogs and more! We are all passionate about supporting the causes that have impacted our lives.

So how do we choose?!

Give the people what they want

At our hair salon in Cape Coral, done by Dēroc, we have set out to donate a portion of our sales to local nonprofit organizations. With so many out there, and so many causes near and dear to all our hearts, we have decided not to decide. Seriously, how can we make a decision on behalf of the whole community? We can’t. So, we are letting the community decide how we donate our money.

Starting April 1st, done by Dēroc will be donating a portion of our sales to local nonprofit organizations suggested by our guests. We will choose 3 local nonprofit organizations each quarter to be displayed in the salon. Each time a guest makes a transaction at the salon, he or she has an opportunity to vote for 1 of the 3 non-profits we are showcasing. We then allocate a portion of our sales based on the number of votes each organization receives during. That’s it. We won’t solicit money from anyone, just their input.

Stop by the studio, email, call, Facebook, DM, text, write or just shout at us to suggest a local nonprofit organization you’d like us to support!




P.S. The first 3 charities have been chosen! Head over here to see who they are, and learn more about the amazing work each of them do.

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