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Blow Drying: Dry it off, not out!

Blow Drying Education

Most people blow dry their on a regular, sometimes daily basis. There is a blow dryer in every household, and a wide variety of dryers to choose from. Most people are not following the best practices for this tool, simply out of a lack of education. Here I will give you an introductory blow drying education, teaching you how to use a blow dryer and how to understand the technology. Here’s a look at what went into designing new bow dryer technology from Dyson.

blow drying education

Time for Change

The tools you use to dry your hair have changed. Why hasn’t the method changed?

Well it has. However, most stylists have not. This means you haven’t changed the method you use at home to dry your hair. If you remember my washing hair blog then blow drying education the next step for you.

Modern blow dryers don’t need to be excessively hot to dry your hair more quickly. They borrow from the heating and cooling industry and use physics to speed things up.

What is Ionic

Most new blow dryers will have the word “ionic” written in the box somewhere. But what does that mean?

Well the negative ions produced by your dryer go about breaking clusters of water molecules into smaller and smaller groups. This allows the water on the exterior of your hair to dry faster by blowing away extra moisture in the airflow and evaporating other water more quickly. With less water to dry less heat is needed and you won’t over heat your hair. In theory anyway.

Most people and stylists still go about aggressively drying out the hair the same way they always have except with a more expensive tool. Rather, go easy and use your hands to shake your hair while drying. This will help to retain water moisture within the hair strand making it silkier, shinier and more manageable.

Go with the flow…AIR FLOW! Ha! Ahem, anyway, that brings us to the next technology.

What is Far infrared

It is a specific range of wavelengths in the non-visible electromagnetic spectrum. Basically some invisible light.

Modern dryers that incorporate ate this technology use it to create “healthy heat.” This happens because the this particular form of light is absorbed by the body and hair then becomes heat energy. This helps to retain the most moisture in the hair and the health benefits, while still being researched could be huge.

Look it up. It’s a lot to read though. Math and stuff, ya know what I mean?

Technique Technique Technique

Consequently, those thermal benefits are great and useless without the proper technique.

You will want to keep your hair warm but not hot during the drying process. This is why I always suggest using your hands as much as possible to constantly check the temperature of your hair. This doesn’t mean you wont dry it out, it just means you won’t burn it anymore.

You want to work your style to a point of dried off. That is miles different from dried out and can be achieved by stopping when it feels dry but not hot. Use more heat at the roots (the hair here is heather and can sustain more continued drying) and less towards the ends (which are older and more susceptible to damage).

Above all else, practice makes better here. The more you employ these techniques and technologies the faster, easier, and healthier your hair will be and style. And the next time new science makes its way into the beauty industry you’ll be better prepared to change.

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun!

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