the Post Breakup Haircut

the Post Breakup Haircut

We see this a lot in the salon. A client comes in, sits in the chair and announces she’s ready to chop it all off! For stylists, that can be personally exciting to hear. It’s a chance for them to do something a bit outside the norm of “just a trim,” and lets them showcase their creative talents. For the client there is usually a lot more going on beyond just wanting to change up their look. We call it the “post breakup haircut,” a title given anytime a woman changes her hair after going through a significant life change. Good or bad.

It’s natural to want to change your hair after a big life change. Changing jobs, having a baby, moving, changes in your daily routine, and of course break ups. Dramatic hair changes are a way of shedding the past and moving on. There is a metaphorical lightness that comes with chopping your locks. A haircut can be a fresh start, and a way to get rid of whatever baggage we’ve been walking around with. It’s a way to exercise some control when other things seem to be outside of our ability to influence.

the Post Break-up Chop

We have done many post breakup haircuts over the years. It’s an emotional journey that we are very aware of and try to address with our clients before making the first commitment chop. There is something cathartic about a drastic cut after a break up, like you are cutting off dead weight and becoming free of it. You find yourself on a mission to redefine yourself, and a fast and easy way to do that is by cutting your hair and/or changing the color. After ending a relationship, women may cut their hair as a way of rejecting who she was expected to be. Our hair is the most visually defining feature we have. It’s the one accessory that doesn’t change day to day, like shoes or a bag. 

Not all dramatic haircuts are due to life changes. Personally, I have a yearly cycle of growing my hair out for a while, and then chopping it all off. However, the first time I chopped it all off was a much different story. Immediately after leaving the salon I cried, all the way home I cried, and probably cried for a few days after. I was not mourning the loss of my hair…I just broke up with my fiancé. So, I did the post breakup haircut. 

the Post COVID Chop

Now to address the elephant in the room…COVID-19. This pandemic has put all of us through some weird and unexpected life changes. We grieved the loss of our old life, we felt depressed, then felt guilty about being depressed, we made bread, started gardens, unintentionally killed those gardens, and gave our dogs the best 2 months of their lives. We look in the mirror before our first venture out to socialize…Wait, where did those 15 extra pounds come from?! I didn’t realize I had THAT many grays! Where are my hats?! Never mind, I’m gonna just stay home with my dogs. 

We did a lot of big hair changes, or “post breakup haircuts, COVID edition” our first week back open, and it was fun to see how smiley and bouncy our clients were when leaving. It’s been therapeutic for us as well as our clients. It’s refreshing to come back to work with all this infectious bounciness.

are You Ready to Change Your Life?

So, if you are thinking about cutting a lot of your hair off, or dying it pink, take a moment and reflect on what is triggering this need for change. A haircut can be a fresh start and a way to exercise some control when other things seem to be outside of our influence. Yes, hair will always grow back, but we don’t want anyone crying all the way home because they made a rash decision…take it from me 😉 Before any appointment with plans for a significant change, make sure you ask your stylist lots of questions so you’re fully aware of what you’re signing up for.

Check out some big chops we have done below. If you are ready to take the plunge, or just need a trim, go ahead and book an appointment with us. We will always do a consultation before any cutting starts so you know exactly what to expect, and so we know you are emotionally ready. If you are considering a big color change, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation only to start so we can schedule the right amount of time for your transformation. See you soon!

– Rebecca J

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